Adrian Marriner 1/365

Yes, his name begins with ‘A’ but that isn’t the main reason I chose to ring Adrian first! When I put my idea of phoning all my friends out there, I decided to give my post one minute and if no one liked it in that time I would delete it. Adrian liked it, I said ‘and you’re the first’ and that made me commit!

But who wouldn’t want to commit to anything that Adrian Marriner likes? He’s as big, strong and dependable as the machinery that he drives!

I had to inbox him to get his number, I see him almost everyday when I go to get a coffee from the bakery first thing. there he is, always surrounded by a group of men, each one about to move the earth.

Neither of us could believe that we didn’t have each other’s numbers or that we have never spoken on the phone before.

Late in the evening, I called the number. ‘I’ve been waiting for your call’ he said.

I say ‘What better foundation stone to begin my blog with than you?’  I remind him that he was there in the very beginning at a welcome party for our arrival on the Great Ocean Road in The Otways, here in Victoria, Australia. I struggle to remember anyone else who was there. He reels off a few names and we laugh! It was tricky for me at first, being introduced as someone who doesn’t drink but Adrian’s wife was pregnant and not drinking either so we had sober conversations in amongst the slosh.

And in this new phone conversation we covered birth, life and death. We said a few times how lovely it was to actually hear a new voice down the line, one that isn’t your partner, mother, best friend bored, someone bearing bad news or an automated reminder from Telstra. It felt like being kids again.

Adrian is the man they call when a track in a national park needs to be made. He puts in steps, he digs holes, he creates drains, he sprinkles stones, he roams wild around the bush in his JCB with his workers in tow and I have never heard one bad word said about him.

He tells me how Google will soon be creating a ‘walk view’ similar to street view, sending a person covered in cameras into the bush. We laugh that  that no one will have to bother going into the great outdoors anymore because they can just sit on their couch and watch it- scenery and greenery on their screenery.

I told him that we recently walked some of his handywork on the Great Ocean Walk and that it all ended sadly when a man from Columbia died at Station Beach in the surf. Adrian said he was first on the scene on his quad bike. Of course he was! And he is just the man that you would want to have there when something like that happens. Adrian was telling me about the beach there where the waves suddenly come up onto the beach and drag you into the undertow.

Our conversation weaved in and out of ‘how much must old people miss phones,’ things he’s working on, things I’m working on, how we both are, what it was like in Europe on our trips (separate) and life.

We both agreed we had missed the phones. I told him I would ring him on this day next year when the circle is finished.

I am so glad I am doing this blog.






  1. Love your idea of phoning a friend each day for a year, and also like your first report of your conversation with Adrian, our son, of whom we are very proud. Looking forward to the rest of your blogs.
    Cheers Chris

  2. What a great idea and a great person to start your journey with.

    You are right about the fact it is good to hear a voice on the phone, not the buzz of a new text message or looking o. Facebook for private messages.

  3. I love your blog auntie annabel- shows the beauty of your writing- I now am eagerly awaiting more books 🙂 xxxx

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