Susan Nicholls 21/365

You thought that was the end of it didn’t you?

The phones stopped ringing for a little over a week, it’s true. Bronchitis and panic over being ill-prepared for a literary event put paid to the phone calls. I missed them. I missed the excitement! Was it really that exciting every day when we used them all the time? I think it was.

I will catch up, I have to catch up, I’ve promised Adrian 1/365.

I spoke to Susan down the line during the week off. She asked if I was overwhelmed. I said I was ill. She says that her Facebook friends are a great bunch of people and she is proud of her collection!

The unfortunate thing is that I made notes during my hour long phone call to her and now I don’t understand a word of them.

Hang on, I understand the bit where I wrote ‘you always remind me of my Mum’, that is self-explanatory. Susan has the same colouring as my mother, grey eyes, dark red hair, Welsh skin. Not many people have that in Australia. Both are linguists majoring in French. Both make me laugh out loud then carry on talking as if I’m not laughing and wonder why I am.

Philosophising is at the head of my notes followed by…

Seeing TV in a new way, blinkers are off, why do that scene when, Full Brazillian  (oh yes, the World Cup, that thieved part of my time), daughters could do that, (not sure what that means), could go to Ethiopia, wax lyrical, fairy story, like modern art, can you watch without the commentary? (!), gorgeous Italian footballers (I will have said that).

One of my previously blogged friends suggested very helpfully that I should reflect more on the experience (for me) of phoning different people everyday rather than going into depth about each friend. She said she couldn’t relax knowing I was note taking. Really though, I find note taking to be a necessity because of memory loss from too many nights out in my twenties with her! And then someone else, non-Fb friend, said that she loved getting an insight into my friend list and said how lucky I was to have such lovely friends. All of them are ‘worth knowing.’

Look, I’m sorry, I wasn’t feeling well when I took these notes but I don’t think I’ll call Susan again and ask her to elaborate. I talk to her at least once a week as it is. She makes my phone ring regularly and thank God she does! My world is a much better place for it!

Here are all our children.




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